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It's All About The Team!

Success Requires Teamwork and Discipline


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Successful projects require at least two things: Great teamwork and discipline. We all know about the teamwork part. Duh, right? But, what about the discipline?

Discipline means process, and Scrappy Project Management combines exceptional team leadership with just the right amount of process. By ‘process’, we mean clear goals and checklists that are followed rigorously, even when you don’t think you have time.

Globally recognized project management expert, Kimberly Wiefling, has distilled her decades of breakthrough leadership techniques to a simple set of operating guidelines and templates, plus a must-follow list of twelve key elements that she calls the Scrappy Project Management Checklist.

To get the full scoop on Kimberly, visit her Website. For just the PM Checklist, scroll down to read more and to download your very own recipe for success…