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It's All About The Team!

Scrappy Project Management Checklist

Feeling lucky? Play the lottery. But if you want to generate positive results predictably and reliably, follow these practical and sensible guidelines for getting things done. Cling to the Scrappy Project Management Checklist as if your success depends on it…because indeed it does!

  1. Be completely and unrepentantly obsessed with the “customer”, whether that is an internal department or the end consumer.
  2. Provide shared, measurable, challenging, and yet achievable, goals as clear as sunlight. (Surprisingly, the #1 reason for failing to achieve goals is not having clear goals.)
  3. Engage in effective, vociferous and unrelenting communication with all stakeholders.
  4. Ensure that roles and responsibilities are unmistakably understood and agreed upon.
  5. Create viable plans and schedules that enjoy the team’s hearty commitment.
  6. Be vigilant in mitigating ever-present risks while opportunistically taking advantage of upside.
  7. Everything is NOT #1! Prioritize ruthlessly, choosing between heart, lungs and kidneys if necessary.
  8. Anticipate and accommodate necessary and inevitable change.
  9. Challenge assumptions and beliefs, especially insidious self-imposed limitations of what’s possible.
  10. Proactively manage the expectations of all stakeholders, then under-promise and over-deliver.
  11. Learn from experience. Avoid re-runs! Make new and more exciting mistakes!
  12. Practice an attitude of gratitude: Celebrate success, and encourage risk-taking by celebrating some failures, too – the new, exciting and unavoidable kind!

Keep this list with you at all times. Make a copy to nail up to the wall of your office. Tape another copy to the dashboard of your car, and put yet another on the lower surface of your favorite toilet seat so you’ll be sure to see it at least a couple of times a day.

Download your copy of the Scrappy Project Management Checklist.